PROMISED LAND w/ Dominik Bartmanski

Promised Land kicks off its monthly vinyl-only sessions with a jazzy-electronic mix that ebbs and flows, rises and subsides just like our mood, from the growing anticipation of a musical high to party climax to post-eargasmic chill, or ‘post-Ohrgasmic’ warmth, whatever you choose to hear in this music. Regardless of genre or interpretation, it’s all about expanding our consciousness through musical epiphanies, big and small, old and new. Every movement of mind counts. Yet despite the genre-transcending intention behind this session, it’s worth remembering that jazz is to be found at the roots and in the samples of much of it, and ofcontemporary dance music more generally, from soul to house to drum’n’bass and rare grooves of all kinds. It’s the basic sonic and sensual DNA of all these strands of musical expression that have gradually formed our club cultures. This mix connects 11 different tracks over 1 hour and 1 minute of sonic river, with the cataract in the middle. The selected tracks represent different eras and styles yet all are already interwoven with each other through an intricate web of references, tributary influences and thematic currents, explicit and implicit, musical and discursive. It’s a ‘journey inwards’, guided by love supreme, in search of a true conscience and an expanded consciousness reaching out into the seven planetary heavens, to give you a musical impulse to dive beneath the surface of things.


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