RADIO.D59B is a online music platform for streaming and promoting quality music and acclaimed music artists, but also music enthusiasts without any professional engagement.

Founded on the first day of 2018 by two life-long friends and little sister who accompanies them from an early age and who is the most important part of the radio/s sensibility.

Based in Belgrade and Berlin we stream 24/7 all the different music that touched our hearts and we are always on a hunt for something new and exciting.


RADIO D59B presents a high quality music program without any regular funding. It is only with the help of our listeners and friends that we are able to put on our diverse range of music content by great artists and serve as a locus for inspiring encounters.

Are you inspired by our music? Do you enjoy our radio shows? Do you feel full of new thoughts, experiences, and ideas when listening to RADIO D59B? If you feel that RADIO D59B enriches your life, support us with your donation! RADIO D59B for you – you for RADIO D59B.

You can find all our archived programmes on our Soundcloud page.
At RADIO.D59B we want to hear from you. If you are an artist, musician or just a music enthusiast, don’t hesitate to contact us on radio.d59b@gmail.com



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