Hugh Chambers aka DJ Chewbacca aka The SCRATCH CRUSADER Biog
Born and raised on the mean streets of the Southside of London, DJ Chewbacca’s earliest musical influences included his Father’s record collection which included anything from The Platters, The Rolling Stones, Frank Sinatra and everything betwixt and between as well as anything that could be heard on Radio London, TOTP, Soul Train during the 70’s.
A pivotal moment took place whilst listening to Robbie Vincent’s monthly ‘Fusion 40′. Having so far been an avid South London Soul Boy, the music ultimately forced him West and North to such clubs as Crackers on Wardour Street and the Electric Ballroom in Camden to feed his thirst for music that was inspiring to his feet, intellectually challenging and with enough emotional content to keep him connected.
At or around the same time a heightened awareness of what was ‘out there’ was gained through access to the sporadic erratic pirate radio stations of the era such as KJAZZ, Invincta, pre FM KISS and ‘SOUNDSYSTEMS’ that played mostly R&B Funk and Soul such as SOUL II SOUL & RAPATTACK
The Electric Ballroom led DJ Chewbacca to experience the ‘Jazz Dance Scene ‘the length and breadth of the UK including visits to experience Jazz Dance culture elsewhere in England. and he got to know a lot of the top dancers who had a real impact on his buying habits, as they made him aware of tracks and artists that he may have heard but had no idea of the details. With the demise of ‘the Electric’ and the rise of ‘The Wag’, ‘Sunday Afternoon at Dingwalls’ et al The CRUSADER’s buying habits became more prolific, however, at this time, reality bit and family life and children’s education led to a 15 year hiatus in club going and record buying. The SCRATCH CRUSADER aka DJ Chewbacca currently plays a monthly residency at the Haggerston in Dalston as well as upcoming sessions in Hamburg and elsewhere.
Current favourite sessions are the OUTERNATIONAL SOUNDS nights at the HOUSE OF ST BARNABAS SOHO hosted by Harvinder Nagi and the longest continuously running monthly Jazz Dance Session in the UK ‘KILLER JIM’S’ OUT TO LUNCH in Nottingham where he periodically plays Jazz Dance sets.
Live music plays an important role in SCRATCHCRUSADER’S musical life and his 30+ trips to the NORTH SEA JAZZ FESTIVAL in The Netherlands have meant that he has managed to experience performances of many of his heroes that to this day influence his musical taste and has given him opportunities to see many artists before they became famous up to this day
The ongoing Pandemic has rather put a stop to the deejaying, attending gigs, travelling and has somewhat curtailed his buying habits. Generally he prefers to play vinyl only sets. However the current situation has allowed him to broaden his horizons and his rotation includes whatever he hears that he feels might be of interest. This wouldn’t be possible without the technical support received from George Powell. Who plays an integral role.
He gratefully appreciates the opportunity and platform that RADIO.D59B.COM gives him to share the music he loves to a wider audience.


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