LLORCAVALLER w/ Olivier Cavaller & Ludovic Llorca

On the left Ludovic Llorca the man called Art Of Tones. A pillar of F Communication (Laurent Garnier’s label) in the 90s, he now produces and remixes for the biggest labels on the planet, Local Talk, Toy Tonics, Glitterbox, Z Records… Known around the world for his amazing DJ sets, his credo, it must sound!
On the right, Olivier Cavaller, embodiment of De La Bonne Musique. He may be described as a man of many trades, DJ, Broadcaster (Le Mellotron, Campus FM, D59B …), Musical Curator, Photographer, his universe extends from Jazz to Disco with a strong addiction for Tropical music.
In the center, LLORCAVALLER, the meeting of two worlds, electronic and organic, a fusion of genres for a mixed result able to groove any dance floor.



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