DON’T GET UP w/ Batukizer (EVFB)

Batukizer (EVFB) 🇧🇷
Playing in clubs and festivals on several continents, the EVFB DJ sets are compromised of handpicked, infectious dance tunes on vinyl from a huge collection presenting unique Brazilian sounds from the 1960s to the 1990s. From Trondheim to New Delhi to Paris and São Paulo. The contribution of EVFB to new discoveries of amazing Brazilian music is a carefully selected series of deep and eclectic mixtapes and an obsession of finding obscure and rare seven inch records. On their quest of tracking “new” rhythms and rarities, they highlight an incredible musical heritage with layers of spirituality, tropical nature and regional Brazilian culture. Curiosity for dance music has sent EVFB on extensive digging trips through the megacities of Rio and São Paulo and on to Salvador, Brasilian, Recife, Porto Alegre, Curitiba and the Amazonian cities Manaus og Belém. Always with the mission to uncover rare gems and forgotten songs and present them to a new audience worldwide. The mixtapes have been shared by the likes of The Vinyl Factory, NTS Radio, Discogs, Le mellotron, Gouranga, Kiosk Radio and Music for Dreams. An example is the ABOM mixtape series that draw on spirituality and powerful rhythms. The ABOM-3 mixtape has now reached almost 200K plays. Other mixtes covers Brazilian boogie, regional music like carimbó, rare 1980s reggae singles. The ABOM-4 tribute mix to the goddess Iemanjá has 80K plays in just two months (April (2020). EVFB has shared the stage with Brazilian legends such as Jorge Ben (double warm-up show in Rio in 2016), Marcos Valle, Banda Black Rio, Liniker & Os Caramelows and Emicida. EVFB has toured and performed at festivals in India, Brazil, Germany, USA, Spain, Russia, Sweden, Norway, UK, France, Slovenia, Switzerland, Finland, Portugal, Tunisia, Belgium and Ukraine.


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