WINE4MELOMANES #9 w/ Frederic Beneix and DJ CAM // 15.09.22

Wine4Melomanes Vinyls Show October 2022!!!
Track listing & one more time, we need this bottle of sophisticated, fresh fruity red wine blended of Bordeaux traditional grapes of merlot, cabernets, malbec called Château Richelieu Fronsac 2018, with his music pairing underscored the complexity, the vivacity, the sensuality, the harmony of the wine and here’s the mix, enjoy listening and get your bottle.

Pharaoh Sanders “Jitu” Theresa US 1985
Ramsey Lewis “Sleeping into darkness” Columbia US 1972
Stan Getz & Lalo Schifrin
“Around the day in eighty worlds” Columbia US 1979
Erich Kleinschuster & Charles Tolliver + ORF
“Lil’s paradise” Wallen Bink Austria 1969/2022
John Warren BigBand with John Taylor & Harry Beckett
“Perkin’s landing” Germany 1976
Sun Ra “Bassism” Savoy Craft US 1961/2022
Moacir Santos, Letieres Leite & Orch. Rumpilezz
“Coisa N°4” Brasil 2022
Sansa Trio +2 with José Briamonti
“Joluo” Som Maior Brasil 1964
Marilia Medalha & José Briamonti
“Xaxado de espantar tristeza” RGE Brasil 1971 7 inch
Luiz Henrique “Jandira” Brasil 1976/2022 Deluxe issue
Camilla George “Abasi isang” K7 Germany 2022
Kenny Burrell
“Get happy” Blue Note Tone Poet US 1957/2022
David Wertman Sun Ensemble
“You are my love” Bbe US/UK 1983/2022
Erwin Lehn Orchestra & Rosy Singers
“Traumwirklichkeit” Germany 70s
Kerry “Stargazer” US 1973 (Sky Dust Drifter 2021)
Grady Tate “Lady love” Janus US 1974/2022
Harold Sutton & The Crusaders
“You got the power” High Jazz US 1985/2022
Coke Escovedo “Runaway” Mercury US 1976
The Alexander Review
“A change had better come” Vaya US 1975
Transport “Latin summer” US 1979/2022
Mike Nock “Enchanted garden” US 1977

John Carroll Kirby
“Pause on the ancient ballacourt” StonesThrow US 2022
AIR “Radian” Parlophone France 2001
Tunnie Smith
“Dancing on da clouds” Super Disco Edits US 1984/2022
Frankie Zhivago
“Someone stole your love” Superfly US/Fr 1977/2010
Daniel Pemberton “Breaking in the searching factory”
OST the man from U.N.C.L.E – Sony US 2015
Arzachel & Keith Mansfield “Queen St. Gang” UK 1969


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