WINE4MELOMANES #5 w/ Frederic Beneix and DJ CAM // 17.03.22

Fred Beneix – Wine4Melomanes – France

Regularly invited as a DJ to the WWF Festival (WorldWide) in Sète, France organized by the famous Gilles Peterson and the Southern agency Freshly Cutz, where he plays alongside DJ CAM, his sidekick with whom he recently signed the compilation Wine4Melomanes in Jazz on one of the most important independent labels BBE music based in London, for a release scheduled in 2021.

Founder in 1997 of the label of Fantômas and the collective Zimpala, some of whose tracks were compiled on Hotel Costes, Hed Kandi and many others, DJ Fred BNX was at the origin of the fabulous vintage compilation frenchy “Sexopolis” in 1997, sold all over the world and which helped propel his DJ sets alongside artists such as Les Nésgre Vertes
(35 world dates), St Germain, Dj Cam, Roni Size, Nickodemus… but also in several legendary international clubs and renowned festivals such as the Transmusicales de Rennes, the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, Eskimo in Dour, the Cannes Film Festival for Orange Telecom… With a collection of 15,000 hand-picked vinyls traveling between jazz, Latin, Brazilian, soul, funk, disco and multiple rare pearls discovered around the world…

In his atypical and intelligent career, it is with the poetry of Baudelaire, which he founded in 2004, his concept Wine4Melomanes, mixing his passions: music and wine of the same vintage in unison.
A unique tasting adventure, allowing you to discover the sensuality, vivacity and harmony of a wine, a beer or a spirit, through the olfaction and the taste touch.

At the same time, he opened his website to flourish in the writing around the wines he tastes at the main salons where he is invited as a blogger journalist every year. It has since been linked by The Bordeaux-based magazine Sommeliers International for various publications.
He has just created a new wine tourism opportunity in his city, offering to welcome fine tasters in research of innovative cultural dimension around his two mixed passions.


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