WINE4MELOMANES #4 w/ Frederic Beneix and DJ CAM // 17.02.22

Wine4Melomanes Vinyls Show!!!
track listing & bottle of Côte Rôtie for Feb.2022

Carla Bley “Wildlife part 2 & 3” ECM-Germany 1985
Gerry Mulligan “The trap” CBS-France 1977
Beto Guedes “Caso vocé queira saber” EMI-Brasil 1973
Rosinha de Valença “Asa branca” Brasil 1970
Lo Borges – milton Nascimento
“Trem de doido” EMI Brasil 1972
Leye Miranda “Nova civilizaçao” Brasil 1982
Harris Chalkitis “Time is over” Barclay France 1974
Alzo “Some people” US 1972
Alzo & Udine “You’ve got me going” US 1968
Dick Griffin
“Girl, i really love you” Strata-East US 1974
Gary Bartz “Sea gypsy” Prestige-US 1975
Kraig Kilby “Ketchee” US 2006/2021
Zbigniew Namyslowski (R.I.P) & Wlodek Gulgowski
“Equinox” Sweden 1973
Betty Davis (R.I.P)
“If I’m in luck I might get picked up” US 1973
Longineu Parsons & George Edouard Nouel
“Take the high road” OG US 1981
Sambrasa Trio “Joao sem braço” Som Maior Brasil 1965
Jackie McLean “Kahlil the prophet” BN Kevin Gray US 1964
Pedro do Santos
“Sem sombra” CBS/Polysom Brasil 1968/2012
Remigio Ducros “Scherzi pesanti” Italy 1970
Leon Lowman “Andrea” US 1980
Frank Hatchett “6/8” US 80’s/2021
Courtial “Corn on the cob/time” OG US 1976
Pure Release “I’ll know it’s love for sure” US 1980
The Capprells “Close your eyes” US 1970
Aretha Franklin/Curtis Mayfield
“I get high” Atlantic US 1976/2021
Bashung “Madame rêve” Barclay France 1991/2016
Ennio Morricone “Move”
Anita OST – Music on Vinyl Italy/Holland 1979/2020
Jo-jo Smith “Combinations” US 80s
With this sophisticated red wine from Côte Rôtie aera in France by the winery Domaine Bouillau-Salomon 2013 and his music pairing underscored the complexity, the vivacity, the sensuality, the harmony of the wine and here’s the mix, enjoy listening and get your bottle.


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