WHAT PLANET ARE YOU #1 w/ Phill Celeste (Life On Planets) // 14.10.20

What Planet Are You? Ep 1 Feat. Taylor Bense & Liam Mockridge

Fusion – Tobee Tom & Liam Mockridge ft. Morris Oh
Hue – August Wahh
S.H.I.T. – King Midas
Midas Touchin’ – Life On Planets
Lime Light – Mateyo & Mani Marino
Familiar (Levi Levi Remix) – Liam Mockridge
Samo x Fee – Intoxicatin’
You And The Club – Permanent Press, Taylor Bense
Cuttin’ In Line – Life on Planets & Taylor Bense
Don Dada – Cakes Da Killa & Proper Villains
Gogo Juice – Lil T & Big Sexy
Gold Action – Moody Jones & Life On Planets
Arrest the Cops ft. Tamika Mallory – Animal Feelings
Brother (Soul Clap Remix) – Life On Planets

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