SLEEP IS COMMERCIAL / Triptease // 23.04.20

Weather Report – Badia
Soft Machine – Down The Road / The German Lesson
Don Cherry – Sourrender Rose
Airto Moreira – Flora’s Song
Brandi Ifgray – Seas Of Mars
Shriekback – Sway
Manu Dibango – Pata Piya
Total Art Of Percussion – Wuhan Wuchang
Roxy Music – The Space Between
Angophora – Breeze (Santilli)
Arturo Stàlteri – Raga Occidentale
Weather Reaport – Waterfall
Miles Davis – One and One
Transient Waves – Born With A Body And Fucked In The Head (Two Lone Swordsmen Remix)
Jeff Parker – The New Breed
Peter Gabriel – Only Us
Moral Fibro – Take A Walk In The Sun
King Ayisoba – Look My Shoe
Prince – Round And Round
Shriekback – Pretty Little Things
The Folk Group – Underworld
Weather Report – 125th Street Congress
The Crusaders – Ain’t Gonna Change A Thing
Quincy Jones – Main Title : Mama Aifbeni/Behold The Only Thing Greater Then Your Self (Birth)
Gato Barbieri – Nostalgia
Alphonso Mouzon – The Unknown Journey
Ali Farka Tourè With Ry Cooder – Bonde
Carte De Séjour – Ouadou
Juri Camisasca – Il Regno Dell’Eden (Excerpt)
Ennio Morricone – I Crudeli
Fugazi – Trio’s
King Crimson – Discipline
Brian Eno – If These Footsteps
Electric Würms – Futuristic Hallucination
Tortoise – In Sarah, Menchen, Christ And There Were Women And Men
Jazz Warriors – Many Pauses
Don Cherry – Relativity Sweet Part 2
Embryo – Bush
Misty – Man Kind
Jaco Pastorius – Song For Tracy
Astrud Gilberto – Agua De Beber
Bill Brufford – Making A Song And Dance
Paul Simon – She Moves On
Weather Report – Robert Thomas. Jr.
Flaming Lips – The Impulse
Erykah Badu – Drama
Brian Eno – By This River
Miles Davis – Siesta/Kitt’s Kiss/Lost In Madrid Part. 2
Vega, Chilton, Vaighn – Freedom
Don Cherry – Degi Degi
Lotus Eye – Śrī Īśopanişad
Beatles – Dear Prudence
Klaus Schiltze – Voice Of Syn
Eberhatd Schoener – Shape Of Things To Come


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