THE NIGHT BEFORE #3 w/ Gilles Wasserman // 28.07.20

Artefakt – Ganzfeld Effect
Trux – Another World
Yamaneko – Fragrance Transmission
Iron Curtis – Strategie 98
Esau – Pharoah’s Love
Joy O – Yl She’s Away (Ft. Mansur Brown) Forest On Stasys – Contra Natura
Uanamani – Luzzu
D.K. – Untitled 4
Vague Imaginaires – Mais Qu’est-ce Que Leon Revol – Svalbard La Nuit
Minor Science – Spoken And Unspoken Quirke – Flexh rez v70
Carlton – Tacchini
Brothers not Friends – Poly
Roman Flügel – Planet Zorg
Lord Of The Isles – Waiting In Arisaig
Abfahrt Hinwil – Sonic Surface
His Master’s Voice – Transition – Fire Red Rosa Anschütz – Soft Resource
Lord Of The Isles feat. Ellen Renton – Passing

compiled by Gilles Wasserman
in Brooklyn, June 2020


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