SONGS OF TRANSCENDENCE #3 w/ Ribs // 09.10.20

Roscoe Weathers – Poem For Anna
Gábor Szabó – Ferris Wheel
Abdullah Sami – Song For My Friends
Booker Ervin – Gichi
Clifford Jordan – Maimoun
Freddie Hubbard – The 7th Day
Ken McIntyre – Miss Priss
The MPS Rhythm Combination & Brass – Timbales Calientes
Walter Bishop, Jr’s 4th Cycle – Those Who Chant
Bobby Hutcherson – Why Not
Bunky Green – Chillon
Wendell Harrison – The Wok
The Mystery Kindaichi Band – Yatsuhakamura
Danny Toan – Killian
Ronnie Laws – Friends And Strangers
Ambiance – Eastwind
Kalima – Where Is The Sunshine
Gold – You Are So Wonderful
General Lee & The Space Army Band – We Did It Baby
Lady Wray – Piece Of Me
LaRombe – Spread My Wings
Rubeinstein – Joy
Michael Orr And The Book Of Life – Jesus Is Coming Again
Rasa – When Will The Day Come
La’Verne Washington – The Promise
Premonition – In Love
Cruzial – Send Me Your Love
Nohelani Cypriano – Playing with Fire


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