GOOD VIBES ONLY #1 w/ Adrian Magrys // 12.05.20

1. Jazz Orkestar Radio-Televizije Beograd- Svadbena Igra Kraj Bistrice (PGP RTB)
2. Джазовый Ансамбль Игоря Бриля- Улица Без Конца ( Melodiya Records )
3. The Mabon Dawud Republic ‎– Wawa Tree (Budabeats Records)
4. Mamadou & Sama Yoon- Jigeeu Afrika (For Tune ‎)
5. Waaju- Kaolack (Olindo Records )
6. Village Of The Sun Feat. Binker And Moses ‎– Village Of The Sun (Gearbox Records)
7. Collocutor- Deep Peace ( On The Corner Records)
8. Organic Pulse Ensemble- Ensemble Theme (Urban Waves Records )
9. Emanative & Phil Ranelin ‎– Vibes From The Tribe (The Steve Reid Foundation )
10. Sun Ra Arkestra- Children Of The Sun (Lanquidity Records)
11. Maulawi- Naima (Universal Sound)
12. Haki R. Madhubuti / Nation- Children (Rise Records)
13. Stanley Cowell- Travelin’ Man (Strata-East)
14. Flash Beats Bone- 追云 ( China Records Ltd.)
15. Tenderlonious featuring The 22archestra- Expansions (22a)
16. The Press Keys Quartet- Gol-e Gandom (East-West Records ‎)
17. Siri Muharam- Jandira (On The corner Records)
18. Awkward Corners- Just Around The Corner (featuring Sarathy Korwar) (Shapes Of RhythmRecords)
19. NOON- Droga (Lanquidity Records)
20. Angus Baušķenieks- Roņi (STROOM 〰 Label)


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