PONOCNI PROGRAM #42 w/ DJ Brka Feat Jime // 02.12.23

Sunju Hargun – Silom
Cucina Povera; Haron – Riffittelyā III
Ishq – Bhakti
Malibu – Held
worriedaboutsatan – open the door
Jack lever – Death Swims on the water
Rapoon – Gal-fel (Informes)
Clark – Black Stone
Anna Caragnano & Donato Dozzy – Love without sound
Dada – Yuuen/Inraku/Gaki
Push Button Objects – The ATP track
XYR – Aguirre Song
Nanae Yoshimura – Subaru. Op. 78: No. 1. Moon
Nanae Yoshimura – Subaru. Op. 78: No. 2. Fire
Secret Pyramid – Collide
The Sons – take 2
Florian Fricke – Spirit of Peace 2
Kelan Phil Cochran and Legacy – White Nile
Boards of Canada – In a beautiful place out in the country
Triad God – China town everyday
Phenomena – Travellor (reprise)
Aardvarck – U are, not what u think
Mazzy star – into dust
Simon Fisscher Turner – Love, Death, Avoid it
Lyra Pramuk – Witness
The Naked and Famous – The Ends


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