NAKAMA #1 w/ Shuya Okino & DJ Kawasaki // 05.05.20

Journey of the Black Star/Michael White
Hands on the Drums (Kaidi Tatham Remix)/Gin Tonic Orchestra
Align [Feat. Wayne Snow]/Àbáse
Love We Feel/Cody Currie ft.Joel Holmes
Want it (feat. Amp Fiddler & Dames Brown) [Jon’s 6 Mile Edit]/Jon Dixon
Freedom Flight (Alex Attias LillyGood Party Edit)/Mausiki Scales
Mystery of Ages (Live Mix) [feat. Bembe Segue]/Kyoto Jazz Massive
Afrospace (feat. Bembe Segue)/Blakai
Transcend Me/Kyoto Jazz Qurtet
Swahililand/Ahmad Jamal


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