NAKAMA #5 w/ Shuya Okino & DJ Kawasaki // 01.09.20

DJ KAWASAKI 2020.8.31.
01. Alive feat. Shea Soul (KON’S HIGHER LOVE MIX) / DJ KAWASAKI
02. I’Hear Music In The Streets (7’’Boogie Edit) / Louie Vega Presents UNLIMITED TOUCH
03. FUNK IT (Edit By MR.K)
04. I’m Satisfied (The Shorter Edit(“Now That’s What’s Happening”)) / Scott K. and Cole Medina VS. JAMES BROWN
05. Ako (K Civ Edit) / Fela Kuti
06. Paradise Ritmito Carnival (Tribute To Jose Roberto Bertrami)/ Indigenous Travelers (Ron Trent & Jose Rico)
07. M2 / Jazz Palms
08. Jungle (Danny Krivit Edit) _ G.A.M.M.
09. The Slipping Beauty (Telephones Rework) / Vangelis Katsoulis
10. Blackbird (Joe’s Edits & Overdubs Version) / Nina Simone
11. Mountain (Joey Negro Live And Direct Mix) / The Vision
12. Can’t Get Enough (Extended Vocal) / Dimitri From Paris & Airplane feat. Leela
13. Atmosphere Strut (New Disco Remix) / Cloud One


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