NAKAMA #15 w/ Shuya Okino & DJ Kawasaki Guest Mix By Taichi Isozaki // 07.07.21

After graduating from high school, he studied abroad in Los Angeles. While experiencing the attendants of Japanese record store buyers, he began collecting records himself. After returning to Japan, he started DJing mainly as Ground HipHop and Break Beats in Ibaraki prefecture where his hometown. Meanwhile, he involved in the launch of Hostel CITAN in East Tokyo where he met DJ Shuya Okino. Under the influence of various DJs, such as jazz, Disco, Soul, Nu Jazz, house and experienced various genres, he mainly playing records. Currently, he regularly appears at “MAGNETIC”, a monthly event where DJ KAWASAKI and DJ SHACHO (SOIL & “Pimp” SESSIONS) are residents at the Shibuya club “The Room” owned by Shuya Okino. Also, he supervises the launch of The Room Coffee & Bar, which opened on the 1st level of Shibuya Stream as a new landmark in Tokyo.


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