MERCURIAL NOTES #2 w/ Aleksandra Hrib // 06.06.20

Wearing hearts on our sleeves, we seek for an adventure. Our mood is unpredictable so you may think we’re volatile in nature. Feel free to dance or try not to give in, but don’t shy away – these mercurial notes and I will take you for a spin.

Devendra Banhart – Dragonflies
The Fugs – The Garden is Open
Admas – Astawesalehu
Cortex – Matin Gris
David Javelosa & Babby Buddha – Selfish Heart
Zee Erf – Southern Freeez (Sean P’s India Navigation Mix)
Afterlife – Like This
Paris Bizzare – Black And Blue (Really Blue)
John Keating – In Search For Atlantis
Cocteau Twins – Watchlar
Linda Myers – Shine On Me
Symptoms of Love – Foam (Streetside Mix)
Chris Duchatschek – San Francisco Night (Mike Burns Edit)
Hi Fi Brothers – The Line
Torstein Bieler – Terrornatt
Ottomix – Sahara Sand
Billy Idol – Flesh For Fantasy
Art-Fly – Il Gioco Delle Perle Di Vetro feat. Josi (Night Version) (Instrumental Remix Version)
The Riders of The Soundguard – Twisted And Evil
Weird Weather – Bamboo Room
The Pilotwings – Yomogi


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