Jazzmate EP 2 // 07.03.19

Classics vs Oddities.
Dance music history through the lens of DJ Jazzmate (Radio B92 Balans 2003-2014).

01 Starting off with a big personal favorite: Japanese Jazz Fusion meets City Pop affair: Noriki – Night Lights.

02 From Tokyo to Milan, follow-up is is a balearic proto-house oddity, finally reissued on Best records Musica que arriva ! – Fabrizio Fattori Meditterenean Africa EP.

Why European DJs in the early 80s played these weird tracks? Mostly because the US record import barely existed, the information flow was slow, lack of classic us disco import made room for creativity and forced the likes of Baldelli & Co. to dig the European progressive rock and ambient scene with afro-latin influences.

04 San Francisco Bay Area via Rio de Janeiro. Eumir Deodato Whistle Bump is a classic which made it on many discerning dancefloors in the last 40 years or so.

05 Breaks Alert! Definition of AOR: Buzz Scags – Lowdown.

06 NYC Disco Glory Days: Tony Humphries was one those iconic DJs in the early 80s, resident at the legendary Zanzibar club – a strong Jersey parallel to Paradise Garage:
Fresh Band “Come Back Lover” Tony Humphries Dub: Party Boogie at its best!

07 DJ Kon “Make No Mistake” is that sound of today that perfectly matches the original catchy spirit of the 80s.

08 New millenium bossa house flavours. Londons early 2000s hero Phil Asher knows how to handle it! This tune is made in 2017 but its a perfect example of the nu jazz milenium sound.

09 Where do Disco, Latin music and Early House collide? Candido – Thousand Fingered Man. Salsoul, NYC late 70s.

10 Its year 1996 and we are tuning onto waves of Radio Nova in Paris, France. This was the fresh “4 to the floor” creative sound of the late 90s era when house was conquering the continent.

11 St Germain – Deep In It. It was a huge personal enlightment hearing this track for the first time, aired at Radio 92 in my early student days. 90s were tough in Belgrade, despite the isolation and complete disorder of human and social values, a small community managed to generate its own creative dance music scene. It was a getaway from it all back then.

12 Gus Gus – VIP (Francois K Dub). Francois K has seen it and witnessed it all. From Loft to Gallery to Paradise Garage. Studio engineer at legendary Prelude records. One of the key figures in dub and latin inspired house music later on. Wave Music label promoter, and legendary Deep Space resident at Cielo club. His Essential DJ Mix is maybe the best music selection I have ever hold in my hands.

13 Crystal Waters – Gypsy Woman (Basement Boys Strip to the Bone Dub). Small turn into the “Charts” territory of the early 90s, via timeless stripped down version by the acclaimed “garage house” duo. Shout out to DJ Coba 🙂

14 Kahuun – Batteri
Early 2000s BIG sound of SMALL cities in north of Europe demonstrates how firm and fertile eclectic scene actually was by the time…mixing all sorts of music with jazz and soul edge.

15 Black Action Commitee – Cruisin’
Classic 4/4 jazzified sound from the same era. BAC is actully Nick Holder – Canadian Disco house guru by the time. Samples from the 70s jazz fusion era turned into hypnotic dancefloor monsters.

16 Miguel Migs pres. Nightsource – Rise Above
Late 90s deep house perfection!

17 Glenn Underground – CVO Elements
to finish off the house round in this episode we pay the tribute to the “don” : Glenn Underground timeless production from 1996.

18 Still Going – Still Going Theme
Balearic revival hit the clubs around 2006-2007 and this track was huuuge….

19 Asford & Simpson – Stay Free (Dimitri from Paris Dub)
Some big heads sayin House is nothing but Revenge of Disco…

20 Smith & Mudd – The Distance (ron Basejam Remix)
Beatiful AOR sound of 2019 delivered by the famous balearic duo.

21 Marta Acuna – Dance Dance Dance
Dirty underground analogue sound of the P & P disco catalogue. What a classic.

22 Benedek & Noble – Airwayz (Garage Mix)
Tom Noble is one of my favourite producers of the current decade showing off the different side of the 80s sound.

23 Ginny – Cant Be Serious
European 80s balearic oddity that caught the eye of many. DJs use to avoid guitar tracks, with Adult-Oriented-Yacht-Rock revival, its almost all about them. Its hip I know, but the track has something unique difficult to describe what.

24 Slowing down with some Yugoslav sound, this is a progressive rock band from Ljubljana called Predmestje (Suburbs) with its excellent debut album released on RTB in 1981.

25 King Sunny Ade – Tolongo
Small B side track from highly successful King album “Synchro System”.

26 Tap House Band – Guilty (Instrumental)
Tap was a rare private imprint from the disco era. This is just the in-house band jammin around, but I am hooked to this groove.

27 Marcos Valle – Bicho No Cio
A slow 80s brazilian groover from the master himself to finish off this months edition!


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