GOOD VIBES ONLY #9 w/ Adrian Magrys (Lanquidity Rec.) // 09.03.21

1. GoGo Penguin- Initiate (Blue Note)
2. Raivo Tammik Instrumental Ensemble- Ratastel (Jazzaggression Records ‎)
3. Tone Janša Quartet- Labirint (Helidon)
4. Pharoah Sanders – Prince Of Peace (Strata- East)
5. Mary Lou Williams ‎- Rosa Mae (Mary Records)
6. Exit-13 Featuring Bliss Blood- Stoney Monday (Behind The Mountain)
7. George Benson- The World Is A Ghetto (Warner Bros. Records)
8. Oriental Wind / Karnataka College Of Percussion- Bahagya (Sonet)
9. Pan-Ra- Shiva (Pan-Ra)
10. Krzysztof Knittel- Lapis (Alma Art)
11. Daft Punk- The Prime Time Of Your Life (Virgin)
12. Tropical Soldiers In Paradise- Fata Morgana Version (Recorded at Jassmine) (Coastline Northern Cuts)
13. Sylwester Ostrowski & Jazz Forum Talents- Burnt Ends (Welcome to Kansas City) (Agora)
14. Sun Ra- Enlightenment (El saturn)
15. Józef Skrzek, Tomasz Szukalski – Trumpet And Dwarfs In Kaeper’s Shack (Helicon)
16. Tomasz Mreńca- Canada (Nowe Nagrania)


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