GOOD VIBES ONLY #7 w/ Adrian Magrys // 08.12.20

1.Hampshire and Foat- Lullaby (Athens Of The North)
2. Bastien Keb- Alligator (Gearbox)
3. Zbigniew Wodecki- Panny Mego Dziadka (Polskie Nagrania Muza)
4. Marie Laforêt- Et Si Je T’Aime (Sunday Mornin’)( Disques Festival)
5. Trees Speak- Tear Kisser( Soul Jazz )
6. Penza Penza- Schultz’ Thing (Fnr)
7. Mirna Ray- Danse Macabre (Mirna Ray Self-released)
8. Bengt Berger- Tongsi (ECM)
9. Bob Rockwell III- All Of Us (Todos Nosotros) (Celebration Records)
10. The Sun Ra Arkestra- Angels And Demons At Play (Strut)
11. Maciej Gołyźniak Trio- The Restless Rains (Polskie Nagrania Muza)
12. Brahja- Medicine Woman (RR Gems)
13. Ebi Soda- Run for president (Sola Terra Records)
14. Nene Heroine- Baobab (Alpaka Records)
15. Bastien Keb- Lucky (Oldest Grave) (Gearbox)
16. Collage- Mets Neiude Vahel (Мелодия)
17. Graham Collier Music- Song One (Seven-Four) (Fontana)
18. Nobuo Hara & His Sharps And Flats Meets Hōzan Yamamoto- Tabaruzaka (Columbia)
19. Sauce and Dogs- Cloak and Dagger (Sauce and Dogs)
20. Gerry Franke – La Corona (TAX FREE RECORDS)
21. Bastien Keb- Street Clams (Gearbox)
22. ????


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