Tribute to the home town of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame…Cleveland, Ohio. I will also dip down to Akron, which is few miles south of Cleveland…for a good reason.

Cleveland has been very important in development of modern music. Back in the 40s and 50s… the legendary radio DJ Alan Freed (, sponsored by Record Rendezvous record shop (, started playing rhythm and blues on the radio stations in Akron and Cleveland. He coined the term “rock and roll” in the E50s and heavily promoted the new genre.

Cleveland also has an important place for the jazz and all styles of the groove…from R’n’B, soul, fusion, to funk and boogie…artists, bands and labels originating from the Cleveland-Akron area.

I really enjoy doing these shows …because I get to shine light on all the music that was created in these different pockets of United States.


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