FUNK FOUNDATIONS #18 / Tribute to GRP // 10.11.21

It is a great pleasure to do Tribute to GRP Records.
For those that do not know … “G” stands for Dave Grusin and “R” is for Larry Rosen.
Both award winning musicians, producers, arrangers, and label owners.
Dave Grusin is most famous for composing many scores for film and TV.
Larry Rosen in E70s as arranger and producer (Jon Lucien).
As Grusin/Rosen Production team, they worked for Blue Note, CTI, Elektra and Polydor…until they founded Arista/GRP in 1978.

It is an exciting show because it truly covers the full spectrum of the groove…from jazz to funk…
from soul to latin…from original soundtrack to boogie. It is strictly a vinyl set.
I am looking forward to jamming with you on RADIO D59B … Enjoy the music!


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