Dj Sin [#1] // 15.03.19

Year 1989 as a 15 year old and music lover, He started to asisst to music aditor at the local radio station.
Ever since he was fascinated by radio as a media.
30 years later, from FM to digital net radio, inspired by new media concepts and the crew around D59B in Belgrade, this set tries to reflect undersatanding of radio by time travel trough emotinal landscape of ambient, balearic disco.

Alexis Georgopoulos & Jetre Cantu Ledesma – Marina
The Greg Foat Group – Love theme (woo version)
Troels Hammer feat Clara Va Lente – Pede mais
Cosmic Tides – Peaking lights
Kay Zee – Barny ( Fuga Rento remix )
Desmond Cheese – Dope Vhs master
Funk Factory – Rien Ne Va plus
Horsebeach – Midnight part 2
A vision of panorama – Seaside tune (original mix)
Nu Guinea – Ddoje facce
Quinn Lamont Luke – Different aspirations
The Beat Broker – Satin kimono
Bing Ji Ling – Hangin’ on a string
Mr Fingers – Day in Portugal
Marvin Gaye – I want you
The One ‘O’ Ones – Radio cosmo 101
Andromeda – Andromeda
Ed Longo & Applied Arts Essemble – Love on the line
Donny Benet – Konichiwa
Hubbabubbaklubb – Tomme lommer
Warwika – Jazz shaman
Bruxas – Plantas falsas
Smith & Mudd feat Quinn Lamont Luke -The distance
Mango – Sera latina
System – Find it in your eyes
Sasha Puttnam – Abraham’s theme ( On-u sound dub )


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