CHARDONNAY SOUNDTRACKS #23 w/ Tomislav Grujic // 30.04.22

Airto – San Francisco River
Black Blowing Flowers – Human Glow
Basso – Burning
Peter Gray – Drinking Tea On A White Elephant
Mandre – Solar Flight (Opus I)
Bombers – Shake
Bob Welch – Don’t Let Me Fall
Russ Ballard – What Does It Take
The Tarney Spencer Band – It’s Really You
Thom Janusz – Crystals
The Jeremy Spencer Band – Cool Breeze
Herbie Hancock – Spiraling Prism
Paul Hardcastle – Dolores
Jerry Harrison – We’re Always Talking
Sorcerer – Escape Route
Pedestrians – Commuter Fantasy
The Dance – Looking For The World
Sirarcusa – Streap-Tease In The Stars (The Way I Do)
Smoove – Ceefax
Magic Mail – Pieces Of Life
Kit Sebastian – Elegy For Love
The Mamas & The Papas – People Like Us
Susan Christie – Paint A Lady
Lindisfarne – Lady Eleanor
Sandra Sa – Olhos Coloridos
Yves Simon – Au pays des merveilles de Juliet
Tim Buckley – Cafe (T2MM edit)


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