CHARDONNAY SOUNDTRACKS #19 w/ Tomislav Grujic // 25.12.21

Mike Oldfield – First Excursion
Malcolm McLaren – Obatala
Yosui Inoue – Pi Po Pa
Zinc – Amazon
The Primates – King Kong
Dream Dolphin – Take No Michi
North South East West – Anxiety
Juri Cimasaska – Himalaya
Trifle – Home Again
Manfred Mann – Happy Being Me
Sorcerer – Spray Paint
Arthur Russell – In The Light Of The Miracle
Kristian Schultze – Zyklonentanz
Kaleidoscope Band – I Get Lifted
Julie Wilde – Love Tunnel
Catch – Malibu
Jeannie Piersol – The Nest
ABBA – My Mama Said
Childhood – Californian Light
SAULT – Bitter Streets
Antonio Carlos Jobim – Children’s Games
Don Muro – Want You To Know
Joe Pass – Don’t Walk Away
Rotary Connection – Last Call For Peace
Celia – Na boca do sol
Milton Nascimento & Lo Borges – Trem De Doido


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