AUTOFICTION #4 w/ Regen // 02.07.21

InnVision – Nighty (Tunnel Vission Records)
Nuron – Slipstream (Likemind)
rEAGENZ – Ä (Musique Pour La Danse)
Indio – I Need You In The Fall (Subwax Excursions)
Arovane – Thaem Nue (Keplar Rev)
Stalker – 2 (Ruf Kutz)
Jung dj – Dilian (Lillerne Tapes)
Flaty – Key Keeper (Soda Gong)
Funki Porcini – Boredom Never Looked so Good (Funki Porcini Self-released)
Ghostride The Drift – Untitled (xpq?)
Jake Muir – On Occasions Of This Kind (sferic)
Nueen – Nodes (Appendix.Files)
Mu tate – Outer (Experiences Ltd.)
JJ+JS – Helio’s Trip (Lillerne Tape Club)
Skee Mask – Ozone (Ilian Tape)
Andy Stott – Dove Stone (Modern Love)
Terekke – Mix91 (Lies)
Metamatics – 8 Bit Caravan (Metamatics Self-Released)
Ludwig & Sallaerts – C.A.T. Track – Take II (Meander)
Lou Karsh – Ups and Downs (Furthur Electronix)


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