AIR DOG LIE #2 w/ Shoomadisco // 05.08.20

Babla & Kanchan – Aay Mere Dil
Abbey Spells;David Harks – Those Shoes (feat. David Harks)
FG’s Romance – What Is Love Today?
Bandolero – Rêves Noirs (Instrumental)
Olivia Newton-John – Love Song
Coste Apetrea – Hej Där
Map Of Africa – Map Of Africa
Pascal Viscardi – Pianeta Bongo
Wilfred Percussion – Andei
Don Carlos – Aqua (Part One)
James Bright – Transmission Station
Basso – Grüße Aus Dem Fahrstuhl
Statues – Heaven Fades
Jack Cutter; David Harks – Serpent Strut (40 Thieves Mix Parts 1 & 2) [feat. David Harks]
Tokyo Matt – Pi Po Pa Editsu
Pellegrino – Libra Position (Reprise)


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