RADIOACTIVITY w/ dj Sin presents Dj Strangefruit // 03.05.20

Peggy Gou – Hungboo
Cantoma – Kasoto (Dennis Kane remix)
Coastline – East dry river
Skatebård – Love in the night
Central – Tube life
Noil Rago – Smabao
Mentronix – Who is it ?
Newcleus – Teknology
Man Parrish – Six simple synthesizers
George Kranz – Din daa daa
Rheinzand – Porque

Dj Strangefruit – Djupar Drivor Mix

I am very glad to share Pål Strangefruit Nyhus guest mix in today’s show.
A man I have a great respect for. Not only half part of Mungolian jetset or central figure of norwegian dj culture, but he is a creative person 🙂
He moved back lately to his hometown Hamar, where he once, few decades ago spoted a young and talented boy at the local record shop.This young boy grew up and he is now internationally known as Prins Thomas.
Wide musical knowledge, bringing disco to Oslo clubs, early raves, radio shows and unforgettable club nights makes him special. He visited Belgrade at famous Echo festival, then guested Dusan Petrovic in his great series at Sava Centar, and Mixer festival for ten years ago. He never played at 20/44.
I did one hour intro for Pål’s mix.


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