RADIOACTIVITY w/ Dj Sin & Olle Abstract // 06.06.20

Today is a Musikkens Dag or Musikk Fest in Oslo.
Single day festival across the city, where every bar,club,park and square turns into stage. Live concerts of all genres and djs er performing for whole day and night.
This is the day when we celebrate music, dance and meet each other. Rare opportunity to see old clubbers, newcomers, friends and families being as one.
2020 unfortunately has taken away from us yet another sign of humanity. No Musikk Fest this year.
In this episode Radioactivity reflects current social affairs with, hopes and dreams and trying to promote values that will prevail and bring us back together again.
In the second part of Radioactivity my today’s guest is naturally Olle Abstract, Oslo based dj, promoter and radio host, known as well as a mind behind LYD podcast, a monthly show for promoting new norwegian electronic music. He would on this day normally arrange dj program at the famous and colourful backyard of Dattera til Hagen.
Olle is the essential person in Oslo club scene. From the old school hip hop in the 80s, early raves and house parties he was there until the present day. He was running his own Abstract radio show for 15 years on the national radio NRK P3. This was my window to norwegian club scene when I came to Oslo in the late 90s.
Energy that comes from his powerful personality is present in his dj sets. Olle Abstract is real. Super Real. He always delievers.
Whether he jumps to ice cold sea or singing in the powder-snow slopes, he celebrates life.
Enjoy his special mix for today.


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