FUNK FOUNDATIONS #6 w/George C. (Tribute to Sonny Lester’s Solid State and Groove Merchant) // 11.11.20

Show is a tribute to jazz-funk royalty… producer that was behind one the coolest styles of jazz-funk soulful fusion music.

Known to many collectors, crate diggers and beat makers …. his name is Mr. Sonny Lester …

For those that his name doesn’t sound familiar… he was the guy behind Solid State Records in L60’s and

from 1970 he founded and ran one of the most sought-after jazz-funk record labels…Groove Merchant.

He started his career as a musician …played in big bands in the 50’s.

By the M50’s he started with production…creating new styles in music and releasing groundbreaking records for that time.

But it is not until he founded Solid State records in 1966 ….Combining the talent of the musician and arranger

Manny Albam and audio director Phil Ramone…. When they started fusing jazz with soul, free form, and funk.


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