FUNK FOUNDATIONS #9 w/ George Cvetkovski (Tribute to James Brown) // 10.02.21

As many of you know, February is Black History Month… there are so many black musicians and artists that deserve to be mentioned …but I wanted to pay tribute to the founding father of soul and funk, the godfather, Mr. James Brown. This is my longest show in making… This goes deep into my roots…back in the 70’s as a kid…listening to my father reel to reel, which had all the James Brown hits from 60’s and E70s. Those are the song I still remember until today… just pure magic even until today. James Brown created huge body of music… I highly recommend to all of you to check all of his work, read his book, watch the documentaries….there is so much to learn. On today show I will try to touch little bit of everything, the godfather was involved in… as a celebration of his life, his work, his music, … his never-ending inspirations and contribution to music…

Ladies and gentlemen, get your notebooks out, sharpen you pencils…this is important lessons for the history of funk… It is great privilege and honor to present the hardest working man in show-business that has ever lived…soul brother #1…the godfather….the creator… the one and only…. Mr. James Brown.


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