FUNK FOUNDATIONS #10 w/ George Cvetkovski (Tribute to Wayne Henderson) // 10.03.21

…we continue along the line presenting the history and development of all funk related styles of music.
Today show is a tribute to a soul-jazz legend…one of the founders of the Crusaders…Mr. Wayne Henderson
I will present him as a producer, solo artist and label owner…
Henderson was a giant in both jazz and soul, who effortlessly moved among styles. He worked with many other groups, and was extremely influential in the music world since the 60’s.
He was with the Crusaders from ’61 until ’75 when he went on hiatus from the group and focused on his solo career and recording other acts mostly under his own LA based labels, At Home Productions.
He created great music that truly covered the full spectrum of the groove … so wrap your apron around and get ready for cookin’
George Cvetkovski


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