CHARDONNAY SOUNDTRACKS #1 /w Tomislav Grujić // 25.04.20

Mythos – Dedicated To Werner Braun
A Band Called O – Coasting
Apelsin – Igatsus
Bernie Leadon & Michael Georgiades – Glass Off
Jay C Corry ñ We Can Do Nothing
Neil Ardley – Leap In The Dark
Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve – Dig It
Crosby Stills & Nash – The Lee Shore (Unreleased Version)
Ilous & Decuyper – L’elu
Michael Franks – Born With The Moon In Virgo
Jim Sullivan – Plain To See
Rhead Brothers – Woman Of Soul
C.C. Band – Be My Love Tonight
Barry Reynolds – More Money
Talk Talk – Happiness Is Easy (12? Mix)
The Who – Eminence Front
Nucleus – Pastoral Graffiti
Steve Hiett – Blue Beach/Welcome to Your Beach
Jimmy Webb – Skylark (A Meditation)
The Hollies – Thanks For The Memories
Leblanc & Carr – Stronger Love
Richard Torrance – Rio De Janeiro Blue
Leila Pinheiro – Vai ficar no ar
Terence Boylan – Shame
Luc Cousineau – La Premiere Fois
Dunn & Rubini – Two
Boban Petrovic – Moram (Instrumental)


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