CHARDONNAY SOUNDTRACKS #9 w/ Tomislav Grujić // 30.01.21

Basil Kirchin – Heart Of The North
Roc Mangini – Starlight
Circus Underwater – The Surface of the Water
Schoenherz – Between Judgement And Madness
Mikael Lammgard & Gunnel Derning – Vi Ar Havet
Piper – Shine on
Jan Akkerman – Crackers
Barrabas – Along The Shore
Carlo Maria Cordio & Franco Vinciguerra – Quips and Cranks
Madeline Bell, Les Hurdle & Kathleen Poppy – You’ve Got What It Takes
Chas Jankel – Glad To Know You (Extended Long Version)
Maximum Joy – Do It Today
Matrix – Stay (I Need Your Love)
Fuga Ronto – L’Uomo Invisibile
Plastic Bertrand – Stop Ou Encore (Instrumental)
Chmmr – 0x60
Hardy Kukuk – Erinnerung
Bernard Guillemin – Hair
Incognito – Out Of The Storm (C’s Planet E Special Mix)
Daevid Allen & Euterpe – Wise Man In Your Head
Romie Singh – Dancing To Forget
One Dove – Transient Truth
Santana – Aqua Marine
Gabor Szabo – Time
Jean Constantin – Les quatre cents coups-Generique


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