CHARDONNAY SOUNDTRACKS #11 w/ Tomislav Grujić // 27.03.21

Dancing Fantasy – Voodoo Jammin’ (Kinski Love Theme)
North Satellite – Le Lagon Noir
Dr. Mary Sullivan Bain – Do You Know Black History (Instrumental)
DJ Pats – Sunshine & Rain
Maya – Lait De Coco (Dub)
Jose Padilla – Solito (Wolf Müller Water Mix)
Yuri Morozov – Neizyasnimoe
Bruno Spoerri – Galactic Acid
Claude Larson – Savannah
Fabio Fabor & Antonio Arena – Tigerman
Instant Music – My Boy
Mirdza Zivere – Žozefino
Brian Bennett Band – Drum Odyssey
Fernando – Blue Impala (Ray Mang Remix)
Yannick Chevalier – Ecoute le son du soleil (Instrumental)
Judy Carter – Listen To The Music
Neilo Feel – Havana
Mong Tong – A Nambra
Bayon – Ich Blicke Mit Augen
Jade Warrior – Three Horned Dragon King
Gong – The Pot Head Pixies
Phantom Band – You Inspired Me
Ronald Langestraat – In The Middle Of The Night


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