CHARDONNAY SOUNDTRACKS #10 w/ Tomislav Grujić // 27.02.21

Jack Nitzsche – One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest (Closing Theme)
Aleceo – Dome (feat. Sergi Kampanella)
Bo Hansson – Trial And Adversity
Ragnarok – Dance Of Spirits
The Keyboys – Savannah
Jan Hammer Group – Don’t You Know
Holly Near – Back Off
The Person – Tide Life
Kazuya Kotani – Fatima
Moustache Machine – Brooklyn Days
Izumi Kobayashi – Coffee Rumba
Sanulim – Don’t Go
Gramme – Discolovers
Rheinzand – Slippery People
Becker & Mukai – La Rivière Des Perles
Unhappybirthday – Dunster
Mushi & Lakansyel – Port Salut
Martin Kornberger & Volker Kuhn – Mauersegler
Colorama – Anytime
Natureboy – Love Song
Matt Deighton – Tannis Root
Alex Oriental Experience – Turkish And American Blend
Michael Franks – Can’t Seem To Shake This Rock ‘n’ Roll
Claire Hamill – To The Stars
David Crosby – Kids And Dogs


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